Sunday May 01 , 2016
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What about next November?

I just ordered Michael Barone's Alamanac of American Politics for 2010.  Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be doing some intense research on the elections of 2008 and will then put out some predictions for 2010.  I will also be doing some serious public choice economics analysis of the legislation that is about to be passed in the House.  The preliminary work is really disturbing in the overall impact this legislation is likely to have on our quality of life in the country.  The standard of living we enjoy today is likely to be as good as it gets for us.  Our children will certainly not have anywhere near the quality of life we have had.

As the facts about this bill and the deals that were made to get it passed are revealed, whatever bump the President might enjoy from his legislative victory will be short-lived.  In fact, I am willing to project that his approval rating goes into the 30s before Memorial Day. 

Perhaps the greatest offense a politician can commit is lying to and deceiving the people.  Our trust of government have never been lower.  The short term gain of passing this bill will fade quickly as the American people turn their backs on the President, his administration and the majority party in Congress.  They will prove beyond any doubt that they cannot be trusted.  They will lose all credibility with us--even more than they already have.

We are witnessing history--certainly in more ways than we might imagine tonight.  Keep the faith.  We will take our country back.