Wednesday May 04 , 2016
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The Road to Tyranny, Part I

This posting will be necessarily short as I want to outline for you what I will be writing about over the next several days.  I believe that we have in place in this administration and this Congress the elements of a regime that is hellbent on taking over absolute control of the people of this nation so as to move toward some idealized state of man and being.  At the root of this ideology is the concept of egalitarianism, a concept that strikes at the very foundation of all that makes this country so exceptional.  If progressives were to have their way, everything produced by those that are productive would be taken away and given to those that are not.  At the end of the day, everyone would have exactly the same set of outcomes.  Of course, this very idea flies in the face of all that Americans hold true.

We are a nation that believes in individual freedom, liberty and accountability.  Because we believe so strongly in this trilogy, we embrace the idea that rather than striving for equal outcomes for everyone, we must create an environment that allows everyone equal opportunities--equal access to being able to achieve as much as one can or wants to without the encumbrance or interference of an intrusive and coercive government.  As we are a nation of laws and not of men, we adhere strongly to the covenant we find manifested in our Constitution, where property rights, natural rights and common rights are protected from those that might embrace tyranny to take away from those that live by the covenant and expect others to do the same.

In subsequent entries, I will outline the objectives, motives and mechanisms of the progressive movement in this country.  Let there be no mistake, they will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.  We need look no further than the healthcare debacle to see that their behavior, not their rhetoric, is what needs to be watched.  More later and thanks for listening.