Friday May 06 , 2016
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Profiles in Courage--Modern Version

The question I posed to all the elected officials with whom I had a chance to speak last week was whether or not they would have the courage to lead the real change this country needs.  Those changes, focused on changing the fundamental structure of the welfare state we now know as America, will require exceptional leadership and sacrifice.  Will a new majority party be willing to take on a sitting president, an organized and dedicated army of ideologues and a citizenry that may buckle under policy fatigue or the threat that some individual hand-out being threatened by otherwise responsible action?  All these elected officials said they would be willing to lead such change.  We shall see.

In all my research, the one constant I keep finding is the importance of quality educational attainment, which establishes the foundation for a sound, resilient and sustainable society.  The importance of education cannot be overstated.  Yet, because of a number of issues, highlighted in these pages, the very segments of the population that need the most assistance in finding access to quality education are suppressed by greedy public unions, permissive elected officials and political cultures that encourage dependence rather than independence among the citizenry.  The common thread of this overt and intentional suppression of people is the avoidance of individual responsibility and the nurturing of a culture of "victimhood."  The mantra is all too predictable in that outside forces are blamed or thought to be responsible for bad decisions, organized greed and collusion.  Of course, outside forces are easy targets.

Why is it that we seem to find this perfect storm being played out in all of our largest cities?  Why do we see large enclaves of minority residents cloistered, addicted to government with that addiction fed by policy dealers that keep the minorities enslaved through their addiction to public assistance?  Why are we seeing the emergence of immigration reform to legalize 14 million people in this country illegally, most of whom live in poverty with neither the work or language skills to climb the economic ladder?  All of these progressive--dare I say soclialist--policies are focused on building a majority of the population into a dependent, loyal voting block to perpetuate the financial and political power of the progressive movement.  Those that have and those that produce will be robbed of our earnest gains so that most of the people who reside in this country will be enslaved through first soft, then hard tyranny.

After the elections in November, the 112th Congress will have to face restructuring Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  We are not talking tinkering on the edges--we are talking about letting the American people know that things cannot continue as they have.  We will have to investigate raising the retirement age, allowing private investment of social security taxes and raising contribution thresholds to much higher levels.  We will have to investigate means testing Medicare.  We will have to investigate and prosecute Medicare and Medicaid fraud.  We will have to repeal Obamacare and install comprehensive tort reform.  We will have to allow interstate commerce to really work in health insurance markets.  We will have to go to a fair or flat tax and get rid of the IRS.  We will have to dismantle 1000 grant programs and force state and local governments to go it alone without intergovernmental transfers.  We will have to do away with subsidies and earmarks.  We will have to make sure we create a system for punishing employers that hire illegal immigrants and we need to close the borders to illegal penetration.  We need to educate our children that having babies out of wedlock is irresponsible and that such behaviors impose undue fiscal burdens on society.  We will have to insist that parents raise their children so schools can concentrate on educating them instead of the other way around.  We will need to find ways to serve the nation so everyone has skin in the game.  We need to ensure that elections are legal and that those that subvert elections are punished severely.  We need to let the president and the Congress know that the Constitution means what it says.  Extraconstitutional government will not be tolerated.

All of this will take courage.  I hope we all have the courage to do what is right to get this country back on track.  If our elected officials are willing, then we ought to be right there with them.