Thursday May 05 , 2016
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Frayed Edges

One cannot help but notice that the overall luster of the Obama presidency is dulling at an ever increasing rate.  Not only has the president lost the decisive middle, he is losing ground with his own coalition of victims who are disillusioned by his ineptitude and lack of focus.  The president seems most content to play at being president rather than being an effective leader in whom Americans might place their trust.  What one notices more than ever is the number of criticisms coming the way of the president from the main stream media.

Finally, the news services are fact checking the president and his minions when they open their mouths in public.  Not surprisingly, the media are finding that the president is either ill-informed or is flat out lying to us.  Worse, I think the president actually believes what he is saying.  The president, however, is being lied to my his own staff so whatever comes out of his mouth is not given much credence.  The president is not smart enough or informed enough to make discernments about the material he is being given, so he comes out looking like a clown.  When the messenger is as lousy as the message, then people are likely to pull away.

I think the paint started to chip off the hull of the ship of state when the president got caught in a number of prevarications related to the debt ceiling negotiations and the deficit reduction discussions.  He couldn't get his facts straight so people started to asking some very uncomfortable questions about his "plan."  Well, of course, he didn't have a plan, there is still no plan, there is still no bill and there is still no supporting material to justify this assault on the American people.  What is most disturbing is the president doesn't seem to notice that the American people are just not buying his act.

These must be desparate times for the president as he seems to be recognizing that perhaps there are people out here who do not like his policies and have really stopped liking him as a person.  He is clearly a progressive socialist who hates the greatness of this nation and is doing all he can to make permanent changes in the structure of the country before he leaves office.  Of course, he thinks he will win a new term, but that is not the way the wind is blowing.

The president, like the rest of us, is clearly a product of his upbringing, his associates, his education and his experience.  He was brought up by socialists to be a socialist.  His associations were socialists or worse, criminal dissidents who were bent on overthrowing the government of the United States.  He has no experience at anything other than race baiting and race trading as a community organizer.  He has never run anything.  Finally, his education at some of the best colleges in America was deeply influenced by socialists or worse on those campuses.  He supposedly earned degrees in political science and law, but his actions reflect a shallow education and chronic under-achievement in nearly every thing he has done.

When all things are considered, the president is an ideologue focused on fundamentally changing the very structure of the nation.  His actions are motivated not by love of country so that things will be better for generations to come.  His actions are focused on correcting some imagined slight by punishing any American who has demonstated any level of achievement.  His lack of integrity and moral center informs us that his presidency poses a danger to the Constitution and the exceptionality of this nation.  He must be defeated in the next national election.  It is up to us to make sure he is "one and done."