Friday April 29 , 2016
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It's About November

There seems to be a lot of in-fighting in the GOP right now, but I do not see this as the least bit unhealthy.  If we don't get a lot of this aired out right now, you can bet the current Commander in Chief will do all he can to make sure he can embarrass the Republican candidate.  The current president cannot run on his record, nor frankly can any of the 23 senators or the 150+ democrat members of the house.  This may be a bruising campaign, but my sense of the electoral college is that it will not be close, regardless of who comes out on top in the republican side.

If one examines the current occupant of the White House, one sees a person deeply flawed not only in skills to do the job, but also in character and psyche.  Barack Obama is inherently dishonest, a pathological liar and a person who has surrounded himself with sychophantic, co-dependent people who are more clearly identified by their association with him than by their own accomplishments.  He is a Maoist, anti-colonialist who is also a pathological narcissist.  This is a very dangerous combination.

One has to go no further than his Osowatamie, KS, speech to see the phrasology and terms that we all could find in Mao Tse-tung's Little Red Book.  Tied to this rhetoric was that of Andy Stern, who the day before the Kansas speech wrote a most revealing op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.  Both men, ironically, trashed capitalism as a failed system.  Both offered an economic paradigm so out of date with America today as to be pathetic.  They were counting on the American people not being smart enough to figure out what they were saying.  Of course, they failed in their mission.

Because of his association with communists like Frank Marshall Davis and Maoists like Bill Ayers, one can begin to draw the picture of what Obama really is and what he represents.  His whole world view is based on the flawed assessment that America is the devil and an exploiter of other people and the world's resources.  As such, the enging of our capitalisitic system must be blown off the rails.  No nation like America can possibly be a "beacon on a hill."  We are evil and must be made to pay for our sins.

The longer Barack Obama is in the White House, the more apparent are his flaws.  I take no pleasure in pointing this out nor do I relish the thought that he will remain president for another year.  However, we have political processes in this country that allow us to get rid of the stink every four years.  Along with Obamas being sent back to Chicago, we really ought to take a look at dismantling as much of this corrosive progressive architecture as possible this upcoming November.  Let's get out and vote.