Friday April 29 , 2016
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The "How" and the "Why" of America

I came out of my chair last Thursday evening when I heard Rick Santorum answer a question about how faith would guide his presidency.  At no point in this current election cycle that has been dominated by these nationally televised debates has so clear an answer been given to such and important question.  I can say without qualification that his answer was the best offered on any question during any event.  Talk about someone who "gets it."

To summarize, the former senator from PA said that the Constitution gives the "how" of government and governance but the Declaration of Independence gave us the "why."  Absolutely, 100% spot on.

He continued to offer that natural rights are endowed by our Creator and nothing any man can say or do can trump those natural rights.  Those natural rights cannot be taken away, no matter how hard man might want to work to do so.  His finishing point was that if man gives one rights, then man CAN take those away--and will.  God and faith are the guarantors of rights in our society, thus God and faith must be part of EVERY decision made by a president.

This incredible experiment launched two centuries ago is still evolving.  However, the framework is sound and must not be altered.  Any government must be limited, lest that government move to some form of tyranny where there are the state and slaves to the state.  We are precariously close to sliding into that very paradigm.

Senator Santorum may not win the Republican nomination, but he got the most important question asked to this point exactly right.  He is the only one to have articulated such a clear vision of our Founding and the what the way ahead should be.  Men and women of faith must be allowed to thrive in a society that honors individual liberty, the sanctity of the family, the primacy of faith and the security of the community.  Senator Santorum gets it.  Let's hope the rest of the field get it, too.