Tuesday May 03 , 2016
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Beware--This Contraception Thing Is Really Big

Let me be blunt.  This recent blow-up between the Catholic Church and the Obama administration over the reproductive services mandate for health insurance policies is simply the camel getting his nose under the tent flap.  The ramifications of this ruling are profound and far reaching.  That is, if the Catholic Church compromises and the rest of the religious institutions and affiliates do not see this overt attempt to crush Constitutional protections for what it really is.  The progressives, hoping to keep this debate tactical and focused on the Catholic Church, are really after something considerably bigger.

If the administrtion is successful in enforcing these new rules, the moral authority of the Catholic Church will be severely undermined.  The damage, however, will not be limited to the Catholic Church.  Now that the government can tell religious institutions that they must violate their time-honored doctrines, how long will it be before the government will come back to the churches and attempt to regulate what is taught and spoken from the pulpit.  Imagine a church that does disapproves of homosexuality or same sex marriage.  Will that church and all its affiliates now come under scrutiny for hate speech?  Will those pastors and administrators not be violating civil rights?  Will the "ministerial exemption" not be moot?

After the administration dismantles the doctrines of the church, what is to say that the State will not tax the churches now, particularly if the churches maintain positions that are contrary to the ruling regime?  Would the churches not be considered political special interests and then lose that tax exempt status?  As many churches would simply go out of business, the progressives would have effectively dismantled all faith institutions through our inattention to the bigger picture.

Individual liberty, the nuclear family, the primacy of faith and the strength of communities all threaten the progressive agenda.  To think that this contraception thing is limited in scope and dimension is to be foolish and naive.  At no time in history has any administration taken such brazen steps to undermine the primacy of faith in America.  This is something one might expect to see is some socialist dictatorship South America.  But no, we have it happening right here in the good old USA. 

This is worth the expenditure of our wealth and our honor.  Inform everyone of the larger picture.  Do not be duped into thinking this is just a passing thing.