Friday April 29 , 2016
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Odds and Ends

Just wanted to post some notes to get everyone caught up with what is going on with IMPACT and Serious Civics.  The show is going gang busters with the quality hopefully improving every day.  We will be having a lot of guests on during the next several weeks as we have several primaries on the republican side in the local area.  In the spirit of letting the people decide, we will be giving everyone access to the program to get their thoughts and ideas out there.  I am excited about this process as it really does get the best candidates into the general election.

In Iowa this weekend, the GOP will be holding its district conventions.  From these conventions, the various GOPers will be building a state platform, electing committee members and most importantly starting the process to select national delegates to the convention.  Also, there will be several people wanting to be on the state central committee.  Bubbling under the surface, however, is the persistent rumor that certain elements in the party will be agitating and even disrupting proceedings.  I am hoping this will be a tempest in a teapot, but if representatives of certain campaigns want to make things tough for everyone, then I suppose they can.  I am holding out that they will be respectful and will follow procedures.  If it goes south, however, we can make sure things get put on hold until such time as eveyone realizes that we are after the same goal, and that is making Barack Obama a one term president.

Senator Rick Santorum suspended his campaign with grace, humility and character.  Of course, that is the guy I know and admire.  His speech may have been one of his best ever.  I am hoping he will have a strong role in the campaign and a strong position in the administration of the next president.  He has done so much for the party by sticking to the conservative principles he so heartily embraces.

Our Serious Civics programs are going great.  We seem to get more people involved all the time, which is just fabulous.  I have a great group of friends who are supporting everything I want to do.  One cannot do this alone.

Many more announcements about some exciting opportunities are coming up this summer and this fall.  Keep watching this website for notifications.  One final note--we are approaching 5,000 downloads from the podcasts.  This is pretty remarkable for a small station, a one hour program and a year's worth of postings.  Thanks to all of you, we are flourishing.