Monday February 08 , 2016
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So Much to Do--So Little Time

This has been a heck of a month, and we still have a week to go.  Santorum suspended his campaign, we have had movement in the Martin case, we had one of the largest "coffees" ever and yesterday, we were in Fort Dodge, IA, for the 4th Congressional District GOP district convention.  All in all, a lot to digest.

Yesterday was perhaps the most interesting.  I was asked to be the permanent chair of the district convention.  Chris Mason, the temporary chair, got us through the prliminary stuff in good shape, but when it came to electing the permanent chair (me), we got our first taste of what was to be the trend for the early part of the meeting--constant interruptions on parliamentary procedure and attempts to dominate the floor debate.  I did not have any opposition, but I was not unanimously elected either.  This was a harbinger of other votes to follow.  To make a long story short, we took over an hour to get past a debate on the rules of the convention, but things worked out OK.  I will say that I got a lot of input from well-intentioned people, but I didn't get much output from a lot of folks who seemed to think they were actually in charge.  Of course, as the day wore on, things seemed to smooth out.  I had some great friends there, and they made things a lot easier.

Our elected officials were to be limited in the time they could speak, but I was not about to cut off the governor, our congressman, one of our senators, the secretary of state, or our national committee people.  So, things went a little long.  At the end of the day, however, we were only about an hour over what we had projected.  All in all, a really good experience.

I saw a lot to be proud of yesterday.  We had a lot of young people there.  This is most encouraging.  These young people took an active role, were engaged and informed and really made things seem a lot more energetic than might have been.  There were a lot of folks there that were advocating libertarian philosophies, so there will eventually be a reckoning in the party.  Libertarianism and conservatism cannot co-exist easily.  I think I have writen about that here before, but I will address this topic again soon.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most was seeing that even at the end of the day, we still had more than double the number of people needed for quorum.  Like a great ballgame, nobody left. 

There is an energy out there that cannot be denied.  People want to get back to a more Constitutionallly based form of government--the government intended in the Founding.  If the energy of the convention carries over to the general election, Iowa and the rest of the country will see a new republican president and a much more conservative legislature in 2013.  As the kids say--It's All Good.